Consultants Edition

Energy Management for Multiple Clients in a Single System

digitalenergy consultants edition is designed to provide effective management of your utility portfolio.

Adapted specifically for energy consultants, brokers, cost management consultants and data processing bureaus the digitalenergy consultants edition presents a solution designed to streamline the process of managing customer data.

Dashboard User Benefits

User Benefits

  • Management of multiple clients on a single secure platform
  • Branded solutions for increased levels of services offered
  • Streamlined and improved delivery processes
  • Customer access to their own ‘portal’
  • 100+ standard reports that can be scheduled on demand

  • Client Engagement Interface

    Client Engagement Interface

    digitalenergy consultants edition provides cloud based availability of energy consumption, cost and carbon data on demand through simple interfaces to your customers.

    Reductions in administration time required for management of energy, cost and carbon data and reporting are achieved as well as mitigating risks associated with compliance due to accessibility of information and structure.

    Flexible reporting is available to a variety of staff on demand or via scheduling enables the right information to get to the right person without the effort or delay of bespoke creation.

  • Multi Client Bill Validation Saves Time & Cost

    Accurate data and utility bill management has long been an area of concern for energy consultants who handle multi client portfolios. This is backed up by industry statistics suggesting that utility invoices contain errors of between 3% and 5%.

    Switching suppliers can also lead to incorrect data input and consumption data is frequently estimated, with some companies having meters read as little as once a year.

    digitalenergy professional can be used by consultants for full invoice checking and bill validation in a pre or post payment process. Invoices are compared against a calculation of the correct charges that should have been applied according to the supply contracts currently in place and variances reported to the tolerances that you desire – allowing a small margin for error or down to the last penny!

    The validation cycle can be configured through an easy to use interface to check against:

    ·         Ownership and address validations
    Ensuring correct sites are billed.
    MPAN/MPRN and Serial Numbers
    Half Hourly Data (HHD)/meter read consistency.
    Missing invoices/meters.
    Estimated/actual meter read frequency
    The accuracy of billing dates.
    Transportation charges and reconciliations
             Triad charges and reconciliations
    All unit rates and charges (supplier contract).
    All published rates and charges (DuOS/TuOS)
              : Launching September 2016
    Tax allocation (CCL and VAT)

    The system also has a powerful query manager to enable you to log actions taken to resolve issues with suppliers, data collectors or brokers. If you have tenants you can also take advantaged of the reporting system for automated recharging from validated data.

  • Detailed Utility Management Reporting

    Self service of information is an expectation of all clients and with the technology available within digitalenergy consultants edition, information from multiple sources for multiple utilities can be combined with simple presentation.

    Digitalenergy consultants edition provides detailed, easy to understand reports on current and historical data.

    Gain access to knowledge and information required at all times in a format that can be accessed and shared by all levels of staff.

  • Create Your Own Custom Branded Solution



    The digitalenergy’s custom branding functionality allows you to alter the colours used around your account, and upload your own company banner to completely personalise your digitalenergy consultants edition account. 

"Full system implementation provides access to multiple stakeholders within your organisation with simple access controls"
Danny Scott, The Energy Desk
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