Meter Solutions

Integrated Data And Metering Solution

digitalenergy recognizes the importance of data and as a software provider has experienced the frustration of issues with the collection of data that inhibits presentation and analysis.

To avoid these data issues we are able to offer a total solution package that includes survey, monitoring and data strategy development, installation, commissioning and ongoing support.

Meter Solutions User Benefits

User Benefits

  • Metering and data management strategy development
  • Dedicated AMR for Half Hourly Collection across all utilities
  • P272 Metering Solutions
  • Automated Tenant Billing
  • Networked Sub-Metering Systems
  • BMS Integration

  • Monitor Across A Range Of Data

    Monitoring is possible across a range of data. Electricity, Gas, Heat and Water are now common points to be monitored with a wide selection of options for end users.

    Extending this to monitor renewable energy, occupancy, temperature, production levels and much more, all accessible with the advancement of the Internet of Things (IOT).

    digitalenergy has a library of manufacturers devices that can be supported through the cloud that is constantly growing including meters, BMS systems, Solar Invertors, Occupancy, Temperature and many more.

  • Extensive Library Of Data Import Sources

    Integrate data from a variety of hardware and software system, digitalenergy offers various methods of collecting and importing energy data.

    Data can be imported from;

    • BMS
    • BAS
    • SCADA
    • Spreadsheets
    • Electronic Supplier Data
      or a variety of Metering/Data Systems
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